Case Studies & Pump Insights

A specialist formulator, manufacturer and supplier of various multi-functional plant nutrition, protection, and bio-stimulant products had a labour-intensive and dangerous application that could have been quite challenging and could pose a significant risk to workers. This is where our company came in.

Avoiding A Costly Safety Hazard

Previously, the customer had purchased pumps from Tapflo and had been very satisfied with both the quality and service provided. Forklifts were used by the customer to lift 1000kg bags to an overhead platform, where they were scooped into a tank with a bucket. Ammonium sulphate crystals were being transferred, but unfortunately spilled on the floor and caused the concrete to erode. A significant risk was posed to workers using forklifts to lift heavy bags of these products to a platform suspended above the ground. We recognized these challenges and developed application methods that would be safer and more efficient, as well as providing them with a turnkey solution.

The customer needed a pump that was chemically resistant to ammonium sulphate and nitric acid. To eliminate the safety risk, the pump must be able to mix and handle solids. The most amazing feature of our solution was the crystals, and the nitric acid could be added inline to the mixture and no further mixing was required as the pump completely dissolved the crystals during the adding and circulation procedure. This increased productivity from 1 x batch being mixed in 60 minutes, to 1 x batch mixed in 16 minutes, saving the customer both time and money.

Tapflo Pumps' solution stood out over others that they researched, because of local support, global experience and that we were willing to put our pump on trial and test it out.