Flexible impeller pumps


Technical data

Industry   Example of application
Food Liquid dough, ice mix, egg yolk, egg white, whole eggs, stewed fruit, ketchup, brines, tomato concentrate, glaze, fruit yoghurt, dressings, edible oils, animal feed, whey, canned food, mustard, jams, vinegar, jellies, gelatine
Cosmetics & toiletries Skin milk, shampoo, soap emulsions, lotions, gels, creams
Pharmaceutical Glycerine, oils, syrups, sweeteners, flavours
Waste water Flocculants (polymers or polyelectrolytes), sampling, sludge with air
General industry Inks, dyes, glues, sampling, draining of tanks and sumps, foaming solutions, slurries, coolants
Beverage Alcohols, wines, syrups, soft drinks, distillery products and extracts, ciders, fruit juices, flavours, yeast

Industrial flexible impeller pump for standard and hygienic applications

The primary advantage of a flexible impeller pump is its self-priming capability. As the vanes of the impeller are depressed and rebound, they create their own vacuum drawing fluidinto the pump.

The FIP-series

The FIP-series flexible impeller pumps are availble in three categories and a total of five different sizes.

Polished stainless steel for hygienic applications            
Industrial stainless steel for standard, non-sanitary applications

Bronze for non-corrosive duties

Typical applications

Thanks to many unique features flexible impeller pumps are used in a wide range of applications.