The CPC Series of Centrifugal Pumps is designed specifically for use within the Food and Pharmaceutical industries with a heavy emphasis on robust design, optimal cleanability, efficiency, low maintenance costs and simple maintenance. The range consists of 5 set sizes, CPC 160-210-260-310-380 with a capacity range up to 400m/hr and 15 Bar in 50 Hz and 500m/hr and 16 Bar in 60 Hz and standard and 40 Bar for the CPC-HD units for high-pressure applications such as pressure boosting or reverse osmosis.

All liquid contact parts are in compliance with EHEDG standards and manufactured from cast Stainless Steel AISI 316L or AISI 316L Mo+Ni or Hastelloy C22 upon request for increased corrosion resistance with a surface roughness of 0.8 as standard (0.5 on request). The open or star impellers, which are dry mounted to the shaft by means of O-Rings, are also fitted with pressure relief holes to ensure optimal cleaning of the shaft seal and chamber. The O-Rings ensure that there is minimal liquid contact with the shaft whilst cleaning the contact faces at the same time.

There is minimal clearances between the impeller and the back casing to ensure high efficiencies and pressures whilst retaining its solids handling ability up to 10 mm. Units can be supplied close coupled in KAM, KAV & KAC designs with B3/B5 motors or with pneumatic, diesel driven or hydraulic motors in their IG & IGH forms. Various Mechanical Sealing & O-Ring options, as well as drain connections and heating jackets, are also available on request.

Food Industry:

Dairy: Milk, skimmed milk, butter milk, cheese milk, raw milk, cream, animal fats

Beverage: Fruit juices, soft drinks, beer, wine, spirits, liqeur, sugar solutions, syrups, water, concentrates, yeast

Food Stuffs: Animal and vegetable oils and fats, soups, sauces, spices, brine, water

Chocolates & Sweets: Milk products, oils and fats, sugar solutions, syrups, flavouring, liqueurs, spirits

Sugar: Syrups, sugar solutions, invert sugar

CIP & SIP: Sodium hydroxide, nitric acid, hot and cold water, other specific cleaning liquids

Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology: Ultra-Filtration, Reactors, Tablets & coating, Process Filtration, Distilled Water & Emulsion