Drum pumps

Electric or air operated drum and container pumps are lightweight, handy and very powerful devices for an economical and safe filling and transferring of thin to medium viscous media, neutral or aggressive, non-flammable or flammable substances out of drums and containers.

JP 120 140 PP SET


The lightweight, handy and powerful device can be used as drive for the pump tubes of the laboratory and drum pumps and is useful in this combination for many thin fluid, neutral, aggressive and nonflammable media.

JP 180


The motor housing made of polypropylene ensures a high chemical resistance when aggressive vapours of acids and alkalies are present.


JP AIR 1 SS 700


Compressed air operated motor specially designed for handling flame sensitive liquids in flammable environments. ATEX-rated with tubes in SS.



We offer nozzles, hoses, IBC adapters, barrels and containers, flow meters, etc.

JP 180 280 PP
Type   JP - 132  JP - 160  JP - 280  JP - 480 (ATEX)  JP - AIR 1
  Motor  450 W  460 W  825 W  825 W  300 W
 230 V, 50/60Hz  230 V, 50/60Hz  230 V, 50/60Hz  230 V, 50/60Hz  At max. 6 bar operating pressure
 Protection class  IP24  IP24  IP24  IP55  -
 Max flow  49 l/min  82 l/min  112 l/min  112 l/min  78 l/min
 Max pressure  10 m  9 m  16 m  16 m  9 m
 Max viscosity  400 cP  400 cP  1000 cP  1000 cP  400 cP
 Pipelines ø  ø 32 mm     ø 41 mm
 Suction tube length 700, 1000, 1200, 1500 and 1800 mm (we can also supply special length as required)    

About Tapflo. Tapflo Group is an independent, family owned, European manufacturer and global supplier of Air operated diaphragm pumps, centrifugal pumps and other industrial process equipment. Tapflo is represented by own sales offices in 30 countries and by independent distributors in more than 45 countries.