Gear Pumps


Typical applications

Industry  Example of application
Petrochemicals Pure or filled bitumen, pitch, diesel oil, crude oil, lube oil
Chemicals Sodium silicate, acids, plastics, mixed chemicals, isocyanates
Paint & Ink  
Resins & Adhesives  
Pulp & Paper Acid, soap, lye, black liquor, kaolin, lime, latex, sludge
Food Chocolate, cacao butter, fillers, sugar, vegetable fats and oils, molasses, animal food
Gear pumps are used in all types of manufacturing industries for the transportation of both thin and thick liquids, from choccolate to diesel fuel. Our gear pumps have sturdy design, offering high reliability as well as long life.

The TopGear Series - TG L, TG G and TG H

The Top Gear series is devided in 3 ranges to suit different applications:

TG L-range for low viscosity and high volumetric efficiency

TG G-range for general purpose

TG H-range for high demanding applications