FreFlow pumps are self-priming centrifugal pumps suitable for handling contaminated and low-viscosity liquids. Its innovative design, eliminating the need for a non-return valve, results in less maintenance. Oil bath lubrication on the atmospheric side of the mechanical seal prevents dry running during the self priming period. The capability of handling gaseous liquids ensures smooth and continuous operation.

The basic pump is available in cast iron, bronze or stainless steel. Thanks to its high-quality material, the stainless steel version is excellent for handling aggressive, corrosive and environmentally harmful liquids.

Typical industries are: chemical, petro-chemical and pharmaceutical industry, oil, gas and electricity generation, paper, plastic, paint and metal finishing industry and shipbuilding.

The combination of its easy maintenance and operation, make the FreFlow a suitable pumping solution for a large number of applications.


  • Excellent self-priming ability
  • No non-return valve required in inlet
  • Oil bath for the mechanical seal
  • Ideal for handling contaminated liquids
  • Outstanding qualities for liquids containing gas or air
  • Easy maintenance (back pull-out)
  • Easy operation
  • Mechanical seals to EN12756 (DIN24960)


  • Petrochemical
  • Chemical
  • Industrial Water
  • General Industry
  • Shipbuilding