IBC Mixers


Applications: Liquids up to a viscosity of 20.000 cP, also containing particles or powders. Appropriate for liquids stored in IBC tanks (standard 1000 liters and special execution 600 liters).
ATEX: Special executions available for ATEX zones.
Source of energy: Electric drive: 400V AC, 50-60 Hz or 220-230V AC, 0-60 Hz Pneumatic drive: Compressed air clean and oil lubricated
Dimensions: 1020x300 mm (length x width) Height depends on the type of motor and impeller
Materials: Wetted parts (impeller, shaft): AISI 316, PP, PFA, ECTFE. Other parts: AISI 304 or painted steel.


Example applications

Water or solvent-based paints:

  • Uniforming before use,
  • Mixing to create colour or an anti-corrosive system,


  • Uniforming before use,
  • Mixing ingredients of the glue before use,

Water treatment:

  • Mixing polymer flocculants (removing solid particles)
  • Mixing limewater or caustic soda (pH control)

Food industry:

  • Mixing powders with liquids
  • Diluting concentrates
  • Homogenizing viscous ingredients of end products e.g. syrups
  • Adding flavouring and fragrances
  • Mixing solid particles before unloading the tank


  • Creating new products inside the IBC
  • Homogenizing the Product before packing,
  • Adding fragrances
  • Mixing solid particles before unloading the tank


Mixing products inside an IBC (also known as a pallet tank or a tote) can be easy and reliable with the use of a practical design and experience that comes with knowing the technology and application.

At Tapflo we take responsibility for both: we deliver the highest quality mixers, selected by our engineers to fit a wide range of applications tailored to the client’s needs. That is why we know our agitators will efficiently mix almost any medium regardless of its high-viscosity, heterogeneity, or inclusion of solid particles.

Tapflo IBC mixers are made to last. Reliable construction ensures the unit’s longevity and ensures a high level of safety and comfort.

IBC mixers’ main usage is unifying and mixing the product before using. They are often used to prepare new products inside the container by mixing multiple liquids, liquids with powders or concentrates as well as mixing an existing product with other additions such as pigments or fragrances.

The use of Mixers is irreplaceable when dealing with solid particles in the product. Our solution works not only in cases with heavy particles sedimenting at the bottom of the tank but also with light particles floating on the surface of the medium.


  • Complete solution. Allowing for efficient mixing immediately after the installation.
  • Immediately delivered, available at our stock.
  • Durable, high-quality construction guarantees longevity and reliability.
  • Suitable for mixing products up to a viscosity of 20.000 cP.
  • Available with multiple impellers and materials. Suitable for a wide range of applications.
  • Adjustable mixing speed. Controlled via a frequency inverter (electrically driven mixers), or a needle valve (air-driven mixers).
  • High level of safety during operation thanks to a Safety Interlock Switch (complete with an electric drive). The switch immediately turns the mixer off when it is unintentionally lifted during its work cycle.
  • Available for potentially explosive zones – according to ATEX directive, zone II 2G.