The DX hygienic pump series is state of the art for the food, pharmaceutical, chemical and cosmetic industries.

The complete sanitary design, in compliance with standards EHEDG and 3A, ensures maximum sanitisation.

These pumps are top rated for ”Clean In Place” and ” Sterilizing In Place”. The geometry of the pumps is designed specifically to allow drainage and avoid dead zones. Each component is manufactured with the highest level of finish and utmost cleanliness.



Fast facts

Flow rate:up to 110 m3/h
Pressure: up to 48 bar
Temperature: from 0 °C up to 150 °C

Typical application

  • Wine Industry
  • Milk & dairy
  • Sugar Production
  • Beverages & Breweries
  • Distilleries
  • Tomato Production


Features & benefits


This solution is extremely cost effective and compact, considerably reducing installation costs and simplifying maintenance.


Easy to install due to compactness, simplicity of operation and operational flexibility thanks to the various features included.

Allow excellent self-priming (up to 7m).


Tensional stress and pulsating flow very low.


Its elements combined technical success without comparison at very competitive costs.


About Tapflo. Tapflo Group is an independent, family owned, European manufacturer and global supplier of Air operated diaphragm pumps, centrifugal pumps and other industrial process equipment. Tapflo is represented by own sales offices in 30 countries and by independent distributors in more than 45 countries.