CTI industrial pumps


Technical data

Model Motor power
Motor size 
CTI AA-03 0.37 71
CTI AA-05 0.55 71
CTI BB-07 0.75 80
CTI CC-15 1.5 90
CTI CC-22 2.2 90
CTI CE-22 2.2 90
CTI DD-40 4.0 112
CTI DF-40 4.0 112
CTI DF-60*** 6.0 112
CTI DG-60*** 6.0 112
CTI EF-55 5.5 132
CTI EG-55 5.5 132
CTI EF-75 7.5 132
CTI EG-75 7.5 132
CTI AA-024 0.25 71
CTI BB-054 0.55 80
CTI CC-114 1.1 90
CTI CE-114 1.1 90
CTI DD-224 2.2 100
CTI DF-224 2.2 100
CTI DG-224 2.2 100

*Special motor with increased power. Not available in EX-proof (ATEX) version

The CT pumps are open or semi open impeller single stage centrifugal pumps. They are manufactured in high finish and mechanically strong material - AISI 316L stainless steel. The pump range meets the demands from a variety of today’s industries. Having said that, CT is still available at a very appealing price level.

The industrial series CTI is designed with glass blasted pump casing. A variety of connection types, mechanical seal options and other executions are available to satisfy most industrial duties.

Features & Benefits

  • Simple design
  • Few parts
  • Open impeller
  • High grade materials
  • Multiple options
  • Compact design
  • High capacity
  • Competitive price
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Solids handling
  • Good quality/cost ratio
  • Wide range of applications


Chemical & pharma
Transport of chemicals from storage tanks, containers and baths, for example in degreasing. Handling of waste products.

Water treatment
Pumping samples, dosing acids and alkalis for pH-control. Transfer of flocculent, suspensions, chemical reagents and sludges. Pumps are resistant to even most agresive chemicals.


About Tapflo. Tapflo Group is an independent, family owned, European manufacturer and global supplier of Air operated diaphragm pumps, centrifugal pumps and other industrial process equipment. Tapflo is represented by own sales offices in 30 countries and by independent distributors in more than 45 countries.