Vortex And Channel Impeller

Vertical cantilever sump pumps with non-clogging vortex and channel impeller.

The pump body is immersed into the liquid,whilst the motor is mounted above the plate, keeping it away from the liquid.

Oversize heavy duty ball bearing are supplied with grease fittings and located above the mounting plate out of the corrosive area. This means:

  • None of the bearings are in the liquid and there is no shaft seal or bearing bush;
  • Bearing assembly is sealed-off to prevent bearing contamination by liquids or gases-vapors;
  • Pumps can run dry without risk of damage;
  • Reliable operation and reduced cost.

The possibility to customize mounting plate shape and dimensions, discharge flange position and column length, allows designers and end-users to match sump or tank plates or flanges.


Channel ImpellerSlightly contaminated liquids or non abrasive slurries. Special blade geometry for low NPSH and high free passage. High efficiency and low NPSH.

Vortex Impeller.Chemical and crystalline suspensions, all viscous liquids, liquids with high concentrations of fibrous suspensions, municipal and industrial wastewater, every kind of sludge. Free passage up to 180 mm.