Vertical immersible sump pump (ISO 5199 norms) line-shaft with bearing bushes.

The pump body is immersed into the liquid, whilst the motor is mounted above the plate, keeping it away from the liquid.

The discharge pipe is separated from the column pipe and the lubrication of the line bearings is normally obtained by means of the same pumped fluid, or from an external lubricating source (such as clear liquid or grease) in abrasive services.

The possibility to customize mounting plate shape and dimensions, discharge flange position and column length, allows designers and end-users to match sump or tank plates or flanges.



Used in all industrial applications, refining, oil and gas production, chemical, pulp & paper and water facilities.

Typical applications include: drainage sumps, oily water sumps, tank transfer.





Pump length: up to 6 meters


Mounting plate: rectangular, circular or according to customer’s specifications PTFE LIP SEAL or CARTRIDGE SEAL for vapor proof construction or pressurized designs.


Materials: Cast Iron GJL250 or AISI 316. Upon request AISI 304, AISI 904, duplex, superduplex.


Bearing bush materials: bronze, rubber, RULON and PEEK


Suction strainer and suction extension on request.


Impeller RD

Closed Impeller

Clean liquids./p>


Impeller RB

Channel Impeller

Slightly contaminated liquids or non abrasive slurries. Special blade geometry for low NPSH and high free passage. High efficiency and low NPSH.

Impeller RG

Semi-open impeller with wear plate and external adjustment

Slightly contaminated liquids or non abrasive slurries. Well suited for handling liquids with gas contents up to 15%.


Impeller RC

Vortex Impeller

Chemical and crystalline suspensions, all viscous liquids, liquids with high concentrations of fibrous suspensions, municipal and industrial wastewater, every kind of sludge. Free passage up to 180 mm.


Lubrication by means of pumped fluid.

Pumped fluid lubricates all the bearing bushes (bottom and intermediates).

The liquid must be clean: suspended solids could clog the small pipes for intermediate bearing bush lubrication.

Vertical pumps with bottom bearing bush only, can also work with liquids with non abrasive small solids.

Lubrication b

Lubrication by external lubricating source.

A clean external source, clean liquid or grease lubricates all the bearing bushes (bottom and intermediates).

Used when the liquid is dirty, sticky or with suspended solids.

This arrangement also allows also the pump to work without liquid in the sump or with tail pipe. The external fluid is pumped together with the main fluid.

Lubrication y

Lubrication by fluid into the pipe column.

Used when the liquid is aggressive, dirty, sticky or with suspended solids.

A mechanical seal is placed between the shaft and the casing cover to fill the pipe column. All the bearing bushes (bottom and intermediates) are lubricated by flushing fluid.

Before startup, the pipe column must be filled with antifreeze solution. The level can be controlled by a dip-stick or level probe upon request.

Lubrication v

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