SR Series, B & BR type

Model Max capacity
Max pressure
B & BR 125N 108 20 / 13,5
B & BR 175N 418 20 / 14
B & BR 250N 1068 11 / 7,2

„B & BR” - Series Hydraulic diaphragm metering pumps are normally used when the dosed liquid contains small amounts of suspended solids, a drip proof/airtight application is required, the dosed liquid is a toxic solution, high pressure is required.

Each pump is fitted with a standard gearbox reduction system with a vertical mounted motor. The reduction gearbox is of a standard endless screw plus worm-wheel type, supported by bearing, fully lubricated in oil bath.

Stroke adjustment can be carried with the pump at rest or in operation and it can be manual or automatic through automatic actuator driven by 4-20 mA; different BUS; pneumatic. BR version is equipped with built-in safety valve is installed in the hydraulic circuit, in order to protect the diaphragm against over pressure.

Furthermore they comply with ATEX standard, therefore they can be installed in Hazardous area.