Eccentric screw drum pumps


Eccentric screw drum pumps are evailable in two versions SR an DR. SR is driven by 1-phase high speed JP motors and DR is driven by 1-phase or 3-phase IEC motors.

Typical applications

Screw-type drum pumps are primarily used for pouring barrelsand containers of media with high viscosity. They are used to pump such media as paints, varnishes, resins, latexes, silicones, polymers, and in the lubricant and oil industries such as oils, fats, cooling lubricants, refrigerants.

Pumps are easy to clean and easy to disassemble.

DR pumps can be used in the food industry to dispense containers such as concentrates. Pumps are approved for FDA certified food for o-rings and stator.

Working principle

The rotor is a moving part of the pump that rotates in order to make the fluid flow, whereas the stator is the stationary part within which rotor makes oscillations.

This movement creates a number of cavities that make it convenient for the fluid to transfer from a low pressure spot to high pressure spot.