Gear Pumps


Gear pumps are used in all types of manufacturing industries for the transportation of both thin and thick liquids, from choccolate to diesel fuel. Our gear pumps have sturdy design, offering high reliability as well as long life.

The TopGear Series 
- TG L, TG G and TG H

The Top Gear series is devided in 3 ranges to suit different applications:

TG L-range for low viscosity and high volumetric efficiency

TG G-range for general purpose

TG H-range for high demanding applications

Typical applications

Industry  Example of application
Petrochemicals Pure or filled bitumen, pitch, diesel oil, crude oil, lube oil
Chemicals Sodium silicate, acids, plastics, mixed chemicals, isocyanates
Paint & Ink  
Resins & Adhesives  
Pulp & Paper Acid, soap, lye, black liquor, kaolin, lime, latex, sludge
Food Chocolate, cacao butter, fillers, sugar, vegetable fats and oils, molasses, animal food


Working principle


Top Gear Pump

The Top Gear pump design is based on an internal idler gear rotating inside of a larger rotor. Internal gear pumps are robust, give an even flow, handle both low and high viscosity products, are capable of high pressure and are self-priming.

TopGear G-series

TopGear G-series are available in cast iron with inline port connections. Baseplate-mounted. Heating and cooling jackets are available for pump cover and around shaft seal. Built-on single or double safety relief valves are available.

Material of components

Component  Model: Material
Casing Cast iron
Idler and rotor Nodular iron, Stainless steel 

TopGear H-series

TopGear H-series is available in nine different sizes. The modular design gives a wide range of possibilities. Shaft seal options include single and double mechanical seals as well as packed gland and cartridge seal. Baseplate-mounted. Heating and cooling jackets are available for pump cover and around shaft seal. Single or double safety relief valves are available built-on. Connections from 32 to 150 mm.

Material of components

Component  Model: Material
Casing Stainless steel, Cast steel, 
Nodular iron
Idler and rotor Nodular iron, Stainless steel

TopGear L-series

TopGear L-series is available in six different sizes. Shaft seal options include mechanical seals, packed gland and double flushed PTFE lipseals. Flange-mounted or bracket for foot-mounting, the TG L pedestal fits to IEC-flanged motors. Safety relief valves are available built-on or separately. Connection sizes from 1" to 1.1/2".

Material of components

Component  Model: Material
Casing Nodular cast iron 
One size in stainless steel
Idler and rotor Steel

Topgear jacket valve

Jacket options
Heating and cooling jackets guarantee the performance of the pump in a start-up or a shut-down procedure. They also provide the pump with the best condition for the seals during operation. Different options: thermal oil, steam or electrical heating.

Safety relief valve options
Built-on safety relief valves protect the pump, as well as other equipment in the system, from overpressure. When the pump is used bidirectionally, a double safety relief valve is provided.

Topgear shaftseals

Shaft seal options
Shaft seal options include packed gland, single and double mechanical
seals (to EN 12756), lip seals and cartridge seals.


Technical parameters

    TG L     TG G  TG H 
Casing  Cast iron Cast iron     Stainless Steel
Cast Steel
Ductile Iron
 Idler and rotor Steel     Iron
Stainless Steel
Nodular Iron
Stainless Steel
Max capacity [m3/h]  8 80 130  250 130
Max differntial pressure  [bar]  30 10 16   16
 Max temp [°C] 250  200  300  300 
 Max viscosity [mPas]  60000 5000 80000   80000


Perfomance curves
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