Tri-lobe Rotary Lobe Pump

The TopLobe-series is available in 12 different sizes. Shaft seal options include single and double mechanical as well as lip seals. Multi-foot for vertical or horizontal mounting. Heating/cooling systems for front cover. Built-on safety relief valves as an option. Connections from 20 mm to 150 mm.

Features & Benefits

Simple, clean and robust construction 
- Hygienic, minimum risk of product entrapment, easy to clean either by CIP, SIP or manually, short cleaning downtimes
Easy maintenance 
- Easy service and maintenance, simple gearbox construction
Gentle product handling 
- Traditional tri-lobe design gives gentle handling, low pulsation and capability of handling particles

Large selection of shaft seals 
- Easily interchangeable with other seal types, short downtimes

Shim-free, oil lubricated gearbox 
- Easy to service, longer life

Typical applications

Industry   Example of application
Food & Beverage Milk, cream, yoghurt, butter, yeast, syrup, minced meat, beer waste, fruit juices, honey, chocolate, mustard, jam, dough, sausage, candy paste
Cosmetics & Toiletries Gels, shampoos, liquid soap, creams, lotions, hair conditioners, surfactants
Pharmaceutical Dragée solutions, plasma, penicillin esters, pill paste, acid mixtures, sugar solutions, alcohol
Chemical Adhesives, ink, solvents, additives, glue, paint, waste
Pulp & Paper Soap, pine oil, coating, starch, green liquor mud, clay, sludge

Material of components

Component  Model: Material
Rotor case Stainless steel 316L
Rotors Duplex stainless steel, FPM, Nitrile rubbe

Working principle

Toplobe parts


TopLobe Specifications


Technical info Unit  Value
Max capacity   l/min  125
Max working pressure     bar  22
Max speed     rpm  1 400

Rotary dia 2

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